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One guy. One camera. That’s my motto.
With my documentary style approach, you’ll relive the day with a video that simply captures the day.

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The San Francisco Bay Area’s Favorite Wedding Videographer

He was a true professional!

“We started watching the video and we couldn’t stop. We LOVED it all! He captured soooo much for being a one-man crew!”

Michele 4.22.2017

It’s amazing how much he was able to capture.

“He is professional and unobtrusive, allowing everyone to be themselves and for the genuine emotions of the day to emerge.”

Linda 5.29.2016

I love the simplicity of the editing.

“It’s the story of our wedding and the memories that we made and Graham captured everything so beautifully. The video is absolutely gorgeous.”

Betsy 10.9.2016

We live through it each time we watch.

“He managed to capture everything and yet he was discreet. It was never a production, it was our intimate wedding day.”

Valeria 5.21.2017

Why Final Frame?

My Unique Approach


A videographer should capture moments, not make your wedding their personal movie set. With my ninja style, I record the entire day without drawing attention to myself. No crew, no lights.

One Guy, One Camera

I’ve shot over 500 weddings by myself with one camera and my clients have been thrilled with the results. I love when they write to say: we relived the day! I call it videography without the paparazzi.

Complete Coverage

Although I’m a one man crew, I’m able to capture the entire day. I record the most important parts of the day in their entirety: ceremony, speeches, etc. Then I capture all the wonderful little things in between.


My prices are thousands less than other videographers because I don’t have a crew and I don’t do the long boring edits. First class wedding videography shouldn’t be expensive.

Documentary Style

I focus on people & action. I don’t direct or orchestrate things. I capture moments as they happen. The result is a wedding video that truly captures your day.

Stunning Technical Quality

I bring over $30k of equipment to your wedding: a $16k cinema camera, $10k in lenses, $4k in audio gear, and more. It’s the best stuff money can buy and I know how to use it well.

Meet The Guy Behind The Camera


MY Story

One Guy. One Camera.

I’ve lived in Oakland for pretty much my entire life. While at Skyline High, I worked at KDOL, the school district’s TV station. When I wasn’t live on the air, I was learning the ropes of shooting & editing video. I had a knack for it so I started a business and in 2003 I shot my first wedding. By 2008, I’d learned two important things about wedding videography. First, one really great videographer is 1000x better than multiple mediocre videographers. Second, the long cheesy edits are a thing of the past. With my visual style refined and my unique way of capturing these important events, Final Frame was born. Over the last 10 years I’ve shot over 500 weddings by myself with one camera. And I’m proud to say my clients have been absolutely thrilled with the results. I hope I’ll have the honor of being able to capture your special day so you can relive it for decades to come.

“One guy, one camera, wedding videos that don’t suck.”
Graham King

Affordable Solutions



Just the essentials. My most popular package.

Graham As Your Videographer
8 Hours Of Coverage
Canon C300 Mark II Camera Package
Complete Wireless Audio Package
Full 1080 HD Recording (4K Available)
Digital Delivery
The Documentary Edit


Everything from the Documentary Package plus a Highlight Reel

Graham As Your Videographer
8 Hours Of Coverage
Canon C300 Mark II Camera Package
Complete Wireless Audio Package
Full 1080 HD Recording (4K Available)
Digital Delivery
The Documentary Edit
A Highlight Reel


Double the length of your Highlight Reel

Graham As Your Videographer
8 Hours Of Coverage
Canon C300 Mark II Camera Package
Complete Wireless Audio Package
Full 1080 HD Recording (4K Available)
Digital Delivery
The Documentary Edit
An Extended Highlight Reel

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Questions & Answers


What's the Documentary Edit?

With every package I offer, you get what I call the Documentary Edit. And I would argue that even if you upgrade to one of the Highlight Packages, the Documentary Edit is still the most important thing you get from me. Let me explain.

With my Documentary Edit you are going to see and hear everything I recorded on the wedding day. I shoot the most important parts of the day, like the ceremony & speeches, in their entirety. You get a complete recording of everything that was said and done. In between those moments, I shoot whatever I see: candid shots of you and your guests mingling and having fun, kids playing, detail shots, location shots, etc, etc, etc.

Now, on a typical 8 hour wedding shoot, I don’t actually record 8 hours of footage because I record selectively. I typically record 2-3 hours of footage and that’s the typical length of the Documentary Edit, because again, you are going to see everything I recorded.

I take all that raw footage and I put it together in such a way that when you get it, it feels like a polished, finished product. No shots of my feet or the ceiling. You simply get incredibly high quality video and audio from beginning to end so you can press play and enjoy it all the way through, reliving the entire day. It really is the documentary of your wedding day.

The Documentary Edit is what I’ve delivered to over 500 couples. And in fact, over 80% of them did not upgrade to a Highlight Package. They went with my Documentary Package and they have been thrilled with the results. They write me all the time to say so.

The day really does fly by. My Documentary Package is all about capturing the day so you can relive it later. Besides, why would you pay a videographer to record the whole day and then all you get is a short edited video that’s their interpretation of the day? My Highlight Reels are great because they’re short and sweet and perfect for sharing with friends and on social media if you like. But when you want to relive the day, hear what was said and see what happened, the Documentary Edit is what you will look back on.

I want to share with you a couple short samples of my Documentary Edits. I don’t want to post 2-3 hour long videos on my website so I made these short samples so you can get a feel for how my Documentary Edits look and feel.

What's the difference between your packages?

My packages are actually all the same except for the editing done after the wedding. With every package you get me, a great recording of the entire day, and the Documentary Edit. When you upgrade your package you also get a Highlight or Extended Highlight Reel.

What's a Highlight Reel?

My Highlight Reels are fully edited, music video style montages of the wedding day. Each one is uniquely tailored to the couple and I aim to make them fast paced and fun. They’re the length of a song, so the Highlight Reel is typically 3-4 minutes long. The two portfolio sections on this page are made up of my Highlight Reels.

What's an Extended Highlight Reel?

The Extended Highlight Reel uses two songs instead of one. This is great for a few reasons. With the additional time I can include more of the best moments from the day like your vows and the toasts. It’s also great because we can have two different vibes for each half of the video. I often start with a more emotional song for the pre-ceremony and ceremony and then switch to a more fast paced feel good song for the reception and party. The length is typically 6-8 minutes.

How many hours are included in your packages?

My packages include 8 hours of coverage. For most weddings, this is enough for me to start with bridal preparations, shoot the entire ceremony, the entire reception schedule, and some party footage towards the end of the night. You can add more time if you have a longer day.


Can we meet with you before we decide to hire you?

Absolutely! It’s a great idea to get to know your wedding videographer ahead of time. Please contact me to arrange a meeting.

How far do you travel to shoot weddings?

I shoot weddings all across the Bay Area and beyond. I’ll drive up to 2 hours from Oakland.

The Wedding Day

Who will actually shoot my wedding?

I, Graham King, shoot every wedding.

What is your shooting style?

I take a documentary style approach to shooting weddings. I don’t direct or orchestrate things; I simply capture them as they happen. I’ve had more than a few clients tell me that they forgot I was there or that they didn’t even see me throughout the day.

What camera equipment do you use?
My primary camera is the Canon C300 Mark II and my backup camera is the Canon 5D Mark IV. My lenses include the Canon 24mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.2, 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II, 17-55mm f/2.8 IS, 24-105mm f/4.0 IS, and the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8.
What video format do you shoot?

By default, my packages include HD capture and delivery at 1920×1080 resolution. With the introduction of the C300 Mark II, I now offer 4K capture and delivery at 3840×2160 resolution.I always shoot at 23.976 frames per second which produces the most filmic look.

What audio equipment do you use?

My onboard mic is the Rode NTG-3. I use Sennheiser 2000 series wireless lavalieres and transmitters. I also use a Marantz PMD-661 Mark II for recording additional sources of audio.

Our reception venue will be very dimly lit. Do you use lights?

I prefer to shoot with natural light and my Canon C300 Mark II can see better into the darkness than the human eye. I didn’t use my light at all in 2017 but I always bring it with me just in case I find myself in a pitch black situation.

How do you work with photographers?

To me, the relationship between videographer and photographer is one of collaboration, not competition. We’re both there to do a great job for our mutual client. When I first meet a photographer, I usually introduce myself, shake their hand, and try to stay out of their way. Photographers love my unobtrusive style and I’ve had a few tell me I was the best wedding videographer they’ve ever worked with because I’m not constantly in their way like other video crews are.

Do you always shoot interviews?

I only shoot interviews if you request them. If you do, they’re done during cocktail hour and I’ll ask some of your guests if they’d like to leave a video message. People are usually excited to participate but I don’t pressure people who would rather not.

More Testimonials

What Brides Are Saying

“Thank you Graham, for the lovely video!”

“He has a great touch with the camera-shy; he promised us that we wouldn’t even notice him after the first few minutes, and he was right. But more importantly he did a great job with the final edit.”

Stacy 9.16.2017

“I barely noticed Graham was there.”

“We are thoroughly impressed with how cohesively it was put together. He truly made a story. We love his cinematographic approach and found his perspectives and angles artistic.”

Thao 7.16.2017

“Graham did an amazing job”

“His documentary edit caught all our favorite moments and so much more. Somehow he was everywhere even though he blended right in on the day of. Our only regret was not booking him for overtime!”

Theresa 6.9.2017

“Graham is amazing!”

“Wedding day came and he was there every moment and captured all the highlights, moments we missed and the interviews are amazing! The video is outstanding quality and my husband and I couldn’t be happier!”

Elise 2.18.2017

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Can’t stop, won’t stop

Even More Testimonials!

“It was so beautifully done.”

“We just received our wedding video and we are in love! He was able to capture every single special moment and did such a beautiful job!”

Sadaf 9.24.2016

“It was almost as if he wasn’t there.”

“Graham was able to get every last detail of our wedding, from our entire wedding party prepping in the morning, to the late night dancing and snacks!”

Taylor 4.23.2016

“You can tell Graham really cares.”

“He literally just has one camera and himself. Thank you SO much Graham, for all of your hardwork and for letting us relive this day over and over forever!”

Rebecca 11.22.2014

“We are so excited to share it.”

“Graham managed to capture every aspect of our wedding from many different angles, and we are so glad to see what we missed at our wedding.”

Katherine 12.19.2015


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