10 Tips on Getting Ready the Morning of Your Wedding

Solidifying a timeline for the morning of your wedding is crucial to ensure you aren’t stressed and don’t feel rushed. Every bride wants her and her bridal party to look amazing, especially in photos and videos. Follow these tips to make sure the morning of your wedding is stress-free, mindful, and fun!

1. Leave plenty of time for hair and makeup

If you hired a hair and makeup artist for the day of your wedding, it’s essential to create a hair and makeup schedule allocating enough time for each. You’ll want to designate roughly 30-40 minutes to makeup for the bridal party, including mothers of the bride and groom. The bride should get the most time with the makeup artist, so plan to set out about an hour, with about the same amount of time for hair. The size of your bridal party will be the determining factor of how much time you have to schedule for getting ready. This is probably one of the most important steps in planning during the morning of your wedding as it dictates much of the day.

2. Let your dress and veil air out

Take your dress and veil out of the bag the morning of the wedding to allow the fabric to breathe and settle. This will allow time for any wrinkles in the dress to fall out and ensure the train isn’t all crumpled when it’s time to walk down the aisle. Be sure to hang it far, far away from where you’re getting ready and from any food or drink. Airing your dress out also creates a great photo opportunity for your photographer/videographer to get a shot of the dress hanging up by itself.

3. Pack any medications you may need

Throughout the day of your wedding, you may get a headache or an upset stomach. Pack any medications the morning of your wedding to bring in case of any emergencies. The last thing you would want is to feel ill but not have a fix for it. It’s also a great idea to have you and your party pack anything you would take on a daily basis, such as multivitamins, an inhaler, or iron supplements.

4. Eat!

With a busy day ahead of you, do not forget to eat! Plan to have a spread of breakfast foods and coffee for everyone to have throughout the morning. This will give all of you the energy you need and prevent anyone from passing out or feeling weak.

5. Stay hydrated

Dehydration is no joke. Drinking plenty of water throughout the morning of your wedding is just as important as eating. Staying hydrated will help you feel more awake, combat bloating, and help ward off headaches. To ensure you’re drinking enough, have fun with it and purchase a bridal-themed plastic water bottle.  You can spice it up a bit by adding a calorie-free flavoring or even infuse it with your favorite fruit. It may seem like one more thing to add to the list but the next morning you’ll be happy you did it.

6. Have a pump-up playlist

Before the morning of your wedding, create a pump-up playlist to blast all morning as you and your bridesmaids get ready! It’ll energize you all and get you excited for the big day. Of course to play your playlist, be sure to bring a mini speaker. You’ll definitely lose the energy if you’re quietly playing the music from one of your phones.

7. Give out bridesmaids gifts

The morning of your wedding is a perfect time to give your bridesmaids their gifts! Set aside a moment while getting glammed up to present them with a token of appreciation for all they’ve done during wedding planning. If you got your bridal party matching robes to get ready in, it might be a good idea to give these out the night before or lay them out upon their arrival.  A thematic gift could also be a great photo opportunity!

8. Make sure there are plenty of outlets

If all of your bridal party is getting ready in the same room, make sure you check ahead of time to assure there are enough outlets in the room. The last thing you would want is to get behind schedule because there aren’t enough outlets for hair styling tools or you blow a fuse. If the spot you secured to get ready in doesn’t have enough outlets, show up prepared with a power strip.

9. The morning of is for the girls

It’s no shock that the groom and groomsmen are not doing as much as the bridal party. If you go check on them, it’s probable you’ll find them sitting around hanging out.  Let them do their thing and enjoy the morning with your girlfriends. This time spent together will be full of memories you look back on for years to come!

10. Slow down

You may feel like you have a thousand things to accomplish the morning of your wedding, but take a breathe and slow down. Your day will work out, and even if certain details change or things don’t go as planned, it’s okay. You’re surrounded by people who love you and you’re getting married to the love of your life. Enjoy these moments so that they don’t pass you by.

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