3 Ways to Add Extra Meaning to Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be a reflection of the love that you share with your fiancé and the life that you are going to build together. Getting creative with personal touches is a way that you can add meaning to this special day. Here are three ways that you can personalize your wedding and make it more meaningful:

Check Your Music Lyrics

The music sets the tone for the wedding ceremony and reception. In addition to the beat of the song, you want to choose music with special lyrics. The song with the most sentimental meaning should be the selection for your first dance. You want your guests to leave your wedding filled with feelings of eternal love and the music that you choose can help to convey this thought.

Consider the Flowers’ Meaning

As one of the major focal points of the day, the wedding flowers can be used to add an extra layer of meaning and sentimentality to your wedding. Certain flowers have meaning that can add a little special message if used in your wedding decor. The popular baby’s breath flower is a common bud in flower girl wreaths and baskets because of its symbolization of innocence. The iconic red rose is the universal symbol of passion and love, making it a good choice for any wedding. Peonies are said to represent good fortune and ambition, symbolizing the future that you intend to build together. With so many options, it is easy to find the perfect flower and color to match the meaning that you are trying to convey.

Add Creative Touches

There are a variety of creative touches that you can incorporate into your wedding to make it feel more personalized. Pictures from your youth are an ideal way to make your wedding feel more intimate. Using photos from each age of you and your fiancé’s life to indicate table numbers is fun and unique. For example, table number one would be marked with you and your fiancé’s first birthday photos. The guestbook is another easy place to get creative. If you and your fiancé love to travel, try having the guests sign a map instead of a traditional book.

By letting your personality shine through, the wedding will feel more personal. Do not be afraid to get creative and allow the day to be a reflection of your love and life together.

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the best days of your life, so you’ll want to make sure you have a good video to remember it. Contact me today to check my pricing and availability for your special day!

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