3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Groom Game On The Wedding Day

While getting married may be almost every woman’s dream, the bride doesn’t have to be the only star of the show. The “big day” is part of yours as well, so as the groom, you should do your best to shine also. Here are a few tips that will help you make your bride’s jaw drop when the two of you meet at the altar.

Pick the Right Clothes

Your clothing should not only look nice but you also want them to fit nicely. While most grooms have their suits tailored to fit them precisely, oftentimes, items such as the tie can get overlooked. Just as you want to choose a tux that complements your body type, your tie should complement you and fit properly as well. Initially, everything will be set to perfection as you say your “I Do’s.” However, as the day progresses and you and your bride take to the dance floor, things will start to move around a bit or even come undone. Make sure that your tie stays in place throughout the day. This way, you will continue to take stunning photos even when they are candids.

Get a Haircut

This should go without saying, but you most definitely want to get a fresh haircut right before your wedding day. You want to look neat and fresh, even down to your beard, which should be neatly trimmed and lined up nicely. The day before the ceremony is a good time to get your haircut, or you can have a stylist come to you the day of. Try to choose a style that is low-maintenance and can hold up throughout the entire day. Doing a slicked-back style like an English gentleman or a short buzz cut can both be great choices depending on the theme of your wedding and what works best for your face and personal style.

Get Detailed

While you may normally not think about things such as your nails or your skin, because you will be photographed and recorded throughout this day, you should consider addressing these details for your wedding. Skin is especially important since the camera will pick up small details, and you’ll have lots of close-ups. Make sure you use plenty of moisturizer and other skincare products that will help make your skin look flawless and smooth.  Manicured nails, smooth skin, and an overall neat appearance will help you have wedding photos you can be proud of.

Remember, this is your day too, so you should make sure that you are complementing all of the work that your bride is putting in. You too are a team and so your styles should complement one another while showing your individuality as well. By following these tips, you can make sure that you can look amazing on your wedding day.

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