Cat & Vic’s Chinese Wedding in San Francisco

The Civil Ceremony

Cat and Vic got married in a civil ceremony in the stunning San Francisco City Hall. Their close friends and family gathered to watch the couple share personal vows that they had written for one another. They sealed their marriage with a kiss under the beautiful dome of San Francisco’s City Hall building. The couple and their wedding guests took photos in the marble setting. They were sure to get a good group shot with everyone on the stairs too. Several days later the Chinese wedding traditions began.

They played door games, an old tradition meant to ease the tensions and allow a bride and groom who were arranged to be married to get to know one another. Arranged marriages aren’t as common today, but door games are still a fun wedding tradition. We see the groomsmen putting on lipstick and passing fruit gummies around with toothpicks.

The Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

Next the bride and groom participate in another Chinese wedding tradition the tea ceremony. They first visit the bride’s family and then the groom’s. This Chinese tradition is meant to show respect and gratitude to the parents of the couple who have done so much for them over the years and have gotten them to this point. These ceremonies are also a symbol of the new extended family that is created via the marriage.

The Reception

The large reception follows these ceremonies at Tai Wu Restaurant in Millbrae and includes toasts and dancing, as well as some personal messages from the couple’s family and friends. The merriment continues well into the evening and everyone gets involved on the dance floor from the little kids to the elders.

There were so many funny moments from the door games that I had to include some outtakes at the end: a rap rendition of the Fresh Prince theme song with some slightly different lyrics.

Videographer: Graham King, Final Frame
Photographer: Eugene Gong
DJ: Niall Stevenson, Four Leaf Entertainment
Florist: Virginia Ho, S & V Collections
Civil Ceremony: San Francisco City Hall
Reception: Tai Wu Restaurant, Millbrae

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