The Groom’s Guide to Helping With Wedding Planning

If you’re a groom about to get married, people might be warning you to say “yes dear” as much as possible. However, there is room for you to start stepping up as a soon-to-be husband in the wedding planning process.

There are plenty of ways to get involved as a supportive other half in the sometimes stressful wedding process, so check out these tips!

Get on the Phone

While you might not have the best eye for color scheming or centerpiece placements, a great way to be supportive of your bride is offer to make phone calls and book when selections have been made. When dates are picked out for the dream venue, quality photographer or high end videographer, or delicious caterer, it’s your time to step up and be the one calling and locking in those important details of your wedding day. This alleviates great stress from the bride, and leaves you as the groom feeling involved. Keep a notepad or journal to stay organized and keep up with tasks that need to be done.

Take Time for Each Other

Bridal showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties, while exciting, can pile on stress and exhaust anyone before the big day. Surprise your significant other with a spa day or book a weekend getaway before the final weeks as an engaged couple. You could disconnect from it all by booking a cabin in the woods and take the weekend to hike, swim, read and put down the cell phones. A couples massage is also a fantastic idea to kick back and relax in an intimate setting with your sweetheart! Your fiancée will not only love the spontaneous act, but they’ll appreciate your efforts too.

Book the Honeymoon

Maybe the bride has taken the reigns with most of the wedding planning and you are feeling like there is not much left to be done. Take it upon yourself to book the honeymoon to take something off her plate. The honeymoon is a huge part of the wedding and will be your first weeks traveling as a married couple. Obviously be sure to communicate with the bride, but begin researching honeymoon ideas and details. If  Europe entices you both, make it your job to find out details on flights, currency, hotels, and sights to see when you’re there. If you are looking for something easier, bring up the idea of booking an all-inclusive cruise that your bride and you can hop aboard and forget planning anything else. Don’t worry either, getting on a cruise won’t limit you to staying on the ship the entire time. Enjoy stops that allow you to explore hidden tropical treasures.

Be sure to always check in with the bride, because communication is key. This is your time to shine as the groom and not only be a support system, but the best helpful future husband!

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