Lindsey & Mike’s New Year’s Eve Wedding

A snippet of Mike and Lindsey’s words for each other comes first. They carry a sense of the couple’s love and affection, and casts their personal shine over what’s to come on this New Year’s Eve.

The date fades in: December 31st, 2016. We see their preparations in action. Lindsey reads a personal note from Mike, which becomes a voice over to her opening a gorgeous jeweled bracelet. Mike opens a small package from Lindsey, reading her note as the special cufflinks she sent him are attached to the sleeve of his shirt. The men toast each other, and then it’s time for brief glimpse of the couple taking their wedding photos.

The Ceremony

The guests sit, smile, and laugh with each other. The wedding parties make their way down the aisle, Mike first in his handsome crimson tux, Lindsey last and resplendent in her lace-sleeved wedding dress. The minister speaks, saying they picked New Year’s Eve on purpose so “celebration would permeate everything about their marriage.” He is followed by the couple’s personal vows to each other.

The Reception

Friends and family, express their adoration and care for Lindsey and Mike, personal sentiments shared only with the wedding video. Four more speeches follow as members of the wedding party speak to the gathered crowd. Some of their voices break with the emotion of the moment.

The Party

Finally the time for talk is over, and the time for dancing begins. They celebrate the New Year, strapping on party hats and breaking it down into the late hours. Some of the guests put on quite a show for the couple to enjoy when they watch their wedding video in the years to come.

By the end, everyone is waving their celebratory sparklers, dancing around the happy couple as they kiss, and fade to black.

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