What Every Bride Needs to Know About Wedding Flowers

Throughout the years, many things about weddings have changed, from moving away from traditional venues such as churches to the music used to walk down the aisle. However, what hasn’t changed is the use of floral arrangements to mark the occasion. Soon to be married couples often find the choice of flowers to be a little daunting. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing your floral wedding arrangements. 

The Bouquet

The bouquet is one of the most prominent centerpieces of a wedding ceremony, so make sure that your bouquet is as attractive and as appealing as possible. Often brides already have a color pallet and design in mind, but it is vital to understand that your specific type of flowers may not be in season or may simply out of your price range. Therefore, we highly recommend having a few backup options in mind.

The Boutonnière

Choosing a boutonnière is often very tedious and difficult. Questions arise such as if you should go the traditional route or be creative and DIY the whole thing. Understandably, for most people, this might make them pull their hair out in frustration. One of the best ways to choose the right boutonnière for you is to simply avoid overthinking whether you’re going to match with the bride and go with your favorite flowers. After all, these are going to be shown on your wedding pictures for years to come, so why not go with something you actually feel confident and are happy with?

Floral Decorations and Centerpieces

One of the best tips for choosing the right floral decorations and centerpieces for your wedding is to get a good look at the venue prior to ordering. Couples often overlook this, and it is not until the day of the wedding that they realize that none of the flower arrangements match with the rest of the venue. Other issues that you might run into are restrictions from the venue itself. Many locations do not allow any candles or large glass sculptures within their buildings. It is incredibly important that all this information is considered beforehand in order to avoid last-minute setbacks. 

Planning a wedding is challenging enough already. The choosing of your once-in-a-lifetime floral arrangement shouldn’t be one of those. Simply adhere to the list above, and you’ll no doubt have a smoother time choosing the perfect set of flowers for your big day.

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